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Imagine This Poster

Imagine This Poster

So happy to announce that my script Imagine This has been selected for a BUFF best script award.  This is amazing news for me, hopefully this is a sign of great things to come.

The awards ceremony is in Sept. Watch this space for details of the live readings.  In the meantime, if you’d like to attend the awards ceremony, you can book your tickets here

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BFI Black star poster

BFI Black star poster

In other very exciting news, my short films AMJ and Mrs. Bolanle Benson will be screening as part of the BFI Black Star season.  Yay.

For some fun, I’ve taken some liberty and photoshopped myself into their poster. 🙂

Details of dates and tickets will follow shortly.

Thank you. sx

Final poster for AMJ

A Mother’s Journey

In other news, the grade for AMJ is done. Yay. The sound design is done. Double Yay.   Next step, private screening on 4th at Channel 4. Follow this LINK for more details.

If you would like to contribute to the journey and see this film on the big screen or at a film festival, then please help me spread the word.  You can also help by making a donation using the donate button opposite.  No amount is too small. 🙂

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Below is the trailer and music video to my short film, A Mother’s Journey. Let me know what you think, using Twitter, Facebook or you can leave a message on Vimeo or on my website. Be gentle. 🙂

As well as update you on what is going on in Sade’s corner of the universe, here are some links I’ve found lurking in different corners of the web.  Some are interviews I’ve done, some book reviews, all are very fascinating reads and I say thank you to all the various authors.

Sade’s World Short Story Podcast (#SWoSSP) is available to stream and download herehere and here Yay

If you’ve liked what you’ve heard so far, please use button below to donate to the next series which will feature short stories from the following writers.

  • Celeste by Tade Thompson
  • Petty Blood Sport by Efemia Chela
  • The Pink House by Ola Nubi
  • Vegas by Irenosen Okojie
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  • Good Reads, ratings. Always great to know what readers think of ones work.
  • An early interview with Helen Caldwell. We met in Spain at a writing retreat.
  • A more recent interview with Geoffrey a lovely South African based blogger.
  • Another recent find, a review by Mary Okeke.
  • Spike Magazine interview. Met the lovely lady in Starbucks and still haven’t read the interview. Should I be admiting that?
  • BBC interview with the lovely Molara Woods who was there when I was carrying around a suitcase full of books to sell. Those were the days. 🙂
  • Another review I’ve stumbled across, by Amy Reads. It’s amazing what Uncle G spits out when one Googles oneself. Yep sad I know.
  • This was the Review that got people talking, by the lovely Scott Pack. Meeting him and Clare led to me winning the Commonwealth Writers Prize.
  • This is the Essay I was referring to earlier. Another Uncle G find and I swear it does not sound like I wrote the book he’s referring too. What do you think?