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Cannes Day 1: My Arrival

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The day dawned bright and early and as per usual for when I'm traveling, I was too excited to sleep properly. Mainly because I have a fear of missing my flight.  As my friends know, I'm pretty much late to most things, however I have this thing about getting to the airport on time.  I think it has something to do with wanting to spend enough time browsing through shops for stuff I don't need.  There's just something so appealing in the brightly lit airport shops.  I know they sell the same stuff as the high street and some of it even more expensive, but still there's a pull.  However, this time round I managed to resist the lure. Instead I headed straight to the lounge determined to milk my temporary club world access. (That's another story) Because of my fear of missing my flight coupled with the travel news [...]

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And The Oscar Goes To…

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And the Oscars Goes to Now although I'm at home in my pjs, laptop on my lap tapping away at my keyboard. I want you to imagine me in a designer number, I'm thinking something from the House of Deola Sagoe, because I love her use of aso oke. So now I'm setting the scene. I've strutted down the runway and managed not to trip in the impossible high heels I had to squeeze my feet into, I look out into a sea of faces and it's time to give THE speech... I knew this day was coming so I came prepared. I subtly remove the now sweaty piece of paper from my bra and pretend that there aren't millions of eyes watching. In a faltering voice and with snot threatening to disgrace my efforts at composure, I try to read the now soaked piece of paper, but I'm [...]

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AMJ: Music Video

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It's 2am and I should be sound asleep, however I've stayed up to post my latest blog post because I know if I don't bite the bullet and do it now, I'll chicken out and not upload the video. Now I'm no music producer, however they say when needs must... well I needed a song and I couldn't afford a real composer, so I sat down and came up with lyrics I felt encapsulated Lola's feelings.  A bit long, but hey it is what it is and I'm happy with the joint efforts of myself and my bestie who is singing. The amazingly talented Claudia Young., whom I had to bully and emotionally blackmail into helping me.  You really know who your friends are when the chips are down and I'm truly blessed to be surrounded by some amazing people, who encourage me and tell to reach for my goals.  Thank [...]

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Are We There Yet

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Well, no we're not.  However, I've got some amazing people working really hard on the sound design and the colour grade for A Mother's Journey.  So as I said in my last post, next thing to organise is a premiere screening for friends, family and all my wonderful cast and crew. I've got an ideal date, but not a venue.  This is due to the exorbitant cost of screen hires.  Which means we'll be booking this at the very last minute to try and get the cheapest rate possible.  Even then it's still a tad expensive.  However, I think everyone involved deserves to watch the completed film in plush surroundings and not on a giant screen in a pub.  Which brings me to the reason for this post.  To be able to afford something decent, I'm going to have to sell some tickets (cos that has gone so well for [...]